Select and set the ring type for calls, alarms, messages, volume, etc. By default the selected profile is Normal.

Press “5” to select the desired profile.

Select a profile and press "Options"/"Settings" to customise it.


Phone settings

Set the time, date, language, shortcuts, auto on/off. You can also carry out a factory reset. This option is password protected (default 1122).

Call settings

Configure settings for calls, SIM cards, call forwarding, call identity, call restrictions, etc.


Set and modify security and privacy settings and codes such as SIM PIN, keyboard lock, etc.

Network configuration

Network settings for the SIM card, APN, network selection.

SOS configuration

Configure the SOS and assistant functions.

Speed ​​Dial

Configure the speed dial numbers 1 to 9

Airplane mode

Enable or disable airplane mode.


Activate or deactivate the assistant function. If a telephone is set, it will receive messages when one of the following happens:

-The user has not answered 2 calls in 15 minutes.
-The user has not pressed any key in 24 hours.
-The user has not charged the phone in 4 days.
-The user has a low battery, 15%.

*WARNING* This service sends an SMS, so it implies a cost depending on your telephone plan.




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