SMS text message

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New message received

When you receive a new text message, the telephone beeps and displays a message on the screen. In addition, the icon will be displayedmceclip0.png on the screen.

Open the message/h2>

1. Select "Read" if the notification appears on the screen or go to the "Messages"--> "Received menu" menu.

2. Press the central button to open and read the message.

NOTE: The new message iconmceclip0.png permanecerá en pantalla whenever there are unread messages.

Message options: 

When you open a message you can:

  • Delete: Delete the message.
  • Reply: Reply to the sender with an SMS message.
  • Forward: Forward the message to another contact.
  • Call: Make a telephone call to the sender.
  • Move: Move the message to the SIM or Telephone.
  • Add sender as contact/li>
  • Details

Write and receive a message

Entering text:/h2>

Text input mode is the font used in messages, when entering contacts, etc. With the # key you can access the options: Sp, sp, sp, Abc, abc, ABC, 123, and other writing languages. The icon at the top left indicates the mode in use.

When writing the message, clicking on Options access advanced functions such as adding predefined templates, emojis, etc..


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