Can't connect or doesn't it dump the data? How to reset

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If you have problems connecting, or it does not dump the weighing data, you may need to restart the scale.


Please turn off the Bluetooth of your mobile telephone first. Then delete the device from your device list in "SPC IOT" app. Next, remove the back cover of the device to see the batteries and the reset button.


To reset the equipment, remove one of the batteries, press and hold the reset button and without letting it be pressed during the entire process, insert the battery that you have removed again. The scale will turn on and after five seconds it will display "CLr". This means that the scale has been reset.


You can now resynchronise the scale.

Turn on the bluetooth and location of your phone. Click on the "+" icon at the top right of the "SPC IOT" app. Step on the scale to turn it on and instantly, at the top of the app, you will see a detected device. Tap add and follow the steps to link the scale to your telephone.

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