Listening to the radio and saving memories

Listening to the radio


  1. Press the AL OFF / Radio ON button to turn the radio on.
  2. Press the Tunning button to adjust the frequency manually.
  3. Press and hold Tunning to automatically tune to the next available FM station.
  4. Press the Vol + or Vol - button to increase or decrease the radio volume.
  5. Press the AL OFF / Radio ON button to turn off the radio.

Note: Unwind and extend the antenna to improve FM signal reception.

Setting station presets

You can store up to 10 stations.

  1. Tune to a frequency.
  2. Hold SET / MEM / M+ until "P01" (or the next available preset slot) flashes on the display.
  3. Press the TUNING button to select a preset number (P01-P10).
  4. Press SET / MEM / M+ to confirm. The station has been set.
  5. Press SET / MEM / M+ repeatedly while listening to the radio to select a preset station.
  6. Alternatively, press SET / MEM / M+ once and then press the Tunning button to select a preset station.


  • This function defines the length of time before the radio automatically switches off.
  • When the radio is on, press the SLEEP button repeatedly to select a sleep period (options: 90, 80, 70 ... 20, 10, OFF minutes).
  • The radio will turn off automatically when the sleep period is over.
  • Press the SLEEP button to check the remaining time before the radio switches off.
  • Press the AL OFF / Radio ON button to cancel this function. To cancel the SNOOZE period and alarm, press AL OFF / Radio ON.

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