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In the KaiOS store, they will be more than 300 applications for your smartphone , access it from the main "Store” menu. A KaiOS account will be required to use this service. For more information go to the following link.

Your Jasper telephone has the following main applications installed by default, among others, without taking into account all those that you can install via the KaiOs store. 



WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app. WhatsApp uses your telephone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi) so you can send messages. Use WhatsApp instead of SMS to send and receive messages, photos, videos, documents, voice messages or send your location

To use WhatsApp, you will have to add your telephone number to validate the account. You can also use WhatsApp on another device through WhatsApp web.

To send a message, click on "New chat" and select the contact you want to send the message to by pressing "Open". Once inside the chat, you can:

- Send a written message: Write the message  and click "Send", this version of WhatsApp does not support sending emoticons but you will receive them. 

- Send a voice message: Inside the chat, press mceclip2.png  "Voice", the message following will appear on the screen "mceclip2.pngPress and hold VOICE to record”, so press and hold mceclip2.pngwhile recording the voice message and release mceclip2.png to stop recording, to send the voice message click on "Send". If you want to delete the recording, click on "Delete".

- Send a photo: Click on "More" and then on "Send photo", select the photo from the gallery or open the camera to take a snapshot and press "Send". You can also add a comment or caption.

- Send a video: Click on "More" and then on "Send video", select the video from the gallery or open the camera to record a video and press "Send". 

- Send audio: Click on "More" and then on "Send audio", select an audio file from the list of recordings or open the music library and select the audio file you want to send

- Send contacts: Select a contact from your list of saved contacts by clicking on "Add" and then clicking "Send". 

- Send location: Send the location where you are at that moment. To do this, it is first required to give the geolocation permission via the "Settings/Network and Connectivity/Location/On" menu. Once the permission is enabled, you will be able to send your location, keep in mind that the GPS location may not be 100% accurate depending on the environmental conditions which can greatly influence it, if you are in a closed space or area with very little coverage, proximity of buildings, weather, etc.. 

- View contact information and more: In the chat, click on "Options"/"View contact" to access the contact's profile, photo and status, mute notifications, change the chat background, among others. 

- Chat options: From the chats history, click on "Options", you will be able to see the information of the contacts, groups, empty or delete the chats, archive them, mark them as unread. 

- General settings: From the chats history, click on "Options/Settings", you will be able to access your profile to change your photo, status or profile, view the highlighted messages, access your account to modify privacy settings, request your account information or delete it, access chat, archived chats and notifications settings, view data and storage usage, or get help. 



Facebook is the social network with the most users in the world, in it you can find acquaintances, participate in interest groups, share content, make contacts, search, advertise, etc.

Among social networks, it is the one that users choose most often. Facebook It is currently the most accessed website in the world. Thanks to your its and great adhesion, is considered to be the network that directly influences politics, culture and public opinion of the users.

Google Assistant


Your Google Assistant is ready to help you when and where you need it. You will be able to organise your schedule, listen to music, put videos, control smart home devices, have fun and much more in a simpler way.
To start, press and holdmceclip7.png and say "Ok Google".

Google Maps


Navigate the world easier and faster with Google Maps. There are maps of more than 220 countries and territories with millions of companies and places marked. Get information about traffic and public transport. Navigate with GPS in real time and explore the neighborhoods as if you were a local thanks to the suggestions on where to eat, drink and go out anywhere in the world.



Do not miss what everyone is seeing: from the most current music to the latest trends in video games, entertainment, news... Subscribe to the channels you like the most, share content with your friends and much more. 



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