Network and connectivity

  • Airplane mode: Activate or deactivate airplane mode. 
  • Mobile network and data: Access network settings, APNs, roaming, etc.
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, location and VoLTE: Access the settings and activate or deactivate them. 
  • Call settings: Access the divert, restriction, identifier settings for calls.
  • Share Internet: Enable or disable the Wifi zone, permissions, password, etc. 



Configure sound, display, date and time, language, search and telephone access method settings.

Security and privacy

Configure lock screen, SIM security, permissions for apps and location settings, and settings related to browsing privacy. 


Configure device storage settings, clear storage (files containing images, music, videos, documents, etc.) to free up telephone memory, before doing so, it is recommended to make a backup so as not to lose data. Enable or disable storage mode when you connect to the computer and information about the available memory. 


  • Device Information: Device related data such as software version, telephone number, model, software updates, and option to reset to the telephone’s factory settings.
  • Downloads: Device downloads folder.
  • Battery: Provides information on the device's remaining battery and enables or disables power saving mode. 
  • Accessibility settings


Access the KaiOS account settings, to access specific services and the KaiOS store it is necessary to create and log in with a valid KaiOS account. For more information:



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