During a call, you can make and receive more calls from/to the same number.

  1. With the phone switched on and in standby mode (home screen), dial the number you want to call.
  2. Press to delete the incorrectly entered digits.
  3. Press to make the call.
  4. When calling, if the number is stored in the phonebook, the name of the contact will appear on the display.
  5. Press to end the call.


Call a contact from the phonebook:

  1. Press "Contacts" from the home screen using the right soft key. The display will show the list of contacts in alphabetical order.
  2. Use the up/down keys to scroll through the list to the desired contact.
  3. Press the call key to call the selected contact.
  4. Press the end call key to end the call.


Call from history:

  1. With the phone on standby, press the key to access the call log. You can also access the Call log from the main menu.
  2. Use the navigation keys to scroll through the list, select a log and press to call.


Make a call with speed dial:

You have a direct speed dial key, in this position:



To set it up, press it and follow the steps to assign one of your contacts to this key.

You can also set speed memories on keys 2 to 9. Press and hold the number key set as a speed memory to dial and call the assigned number.


NOTE: The keys need to be configured beforehand. To do this, press and hold the key and follow the instructions. You can also configure them from "Contacts-->Opc.-->"Speed dial", the contacts must be previously saved in the phonebook, in the phone memory. The 1 key is reserved for accessing the voice mailbox.


Answering / rejecting a call:

When you receive a call the number or name will be displayed on the screen. Press the key to answer, to reject the call, or Vol- to stop the ringing without rejecting the call.


In conversation

During conversation, press the centre key to activate handsfree mode.

During conversation, press "Mute" to mute the microphone.

During conversation, press "Options" to access the different options:

  • Add a call
  • Put the call on hold or resume a call
  • Adjust the earpiece volume

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