Contact management

Consult the phonebook

  1. With the phone in standby, press the "Contacts" key or access it from the main menu, Contacts.
  2. Use the "up/down" navigation keys to scroll through the list and view all contacts.

Quick search:

With the contact list on screen enter the first few letters of the contact you are looking for. Contacts containing those letters will be displayed on the screen.


Contact options:

Select a contact and press Options... to view the options available. to view the available options: edit, call, send SMS, speed dial, share, search.


Adding a contact

  1. With the Contacts list displayed, select the "New" option. 2.
  2. Enter the contact details (name, number, etc), you can also add a picture to the contact, email, birthday, etc.
  3. Once edited, press "Save" to save the contact.

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