Simultaneous connection with two devices at the same time

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Follow the steps detailed below to find out how to connect your SPC DREAMER PRO to two devices at the same time.



  1. Turn on the earphones and you will hear "Pairing" indication through them.
  2. Search from the Bluetooth settings of the first device you want to connect to; this can be your smartphone, tablet, PC or TV.
  3. Once the pairing with your device is done, you will hear "Your headset is connected"
  4. Now disable Bluetooth to make your headphones available again for pairing with another device; make sure you listen to the prompts "Your headset is disconnected" first, and "Pairing" afterwards.
  5. Pair again with another new device as you did in steps 2 and 3.
  6. With the headphones connected to the second device, activate Bluetooth again on the first device with which you paired and after a few seconds you will hear the message "Your headset is connected" in your headphones again.


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