Battery and charging

Each earphone is equipped with a battery, so you can enjoy your SPC ETHER SPORT for up to a total of 4.25 hours of continuous use. And when they are uncharged, place the headphones in the charging case with the lid closed. The time required to fully charge them is 90 minutes.


The charging case has a battery. Thanks to this, you can completely recharge the earphones up to 3 times.

*Note: Higher volumes reduce battery life. Battery life has been calculated at a medium volume. *Note: One earpiece is the main one, in which the micro chip resides, for this reason its consumption is greater and the battery life will be less.

Cable charging

Connect the Type-C USB cable to the USB charging port of the case. A full charge of the charging case requires 90 minutes. The case's LED lights let you know what level of charge is at any time. This light will stop blinking and will remain lit when the battery is fully charged.


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