Smart Help

Smart Help is a set of smart help features that allows you to remotely configure your device from another telephone, send notifications to another telephone, and activate the ringer to the maximum volume in case of unanswered calls.

To configure these functions, from Easy Mode, go to Shortcuts, and then to the Smart Help option. From Normal Mode, access Settings, and then Smart Help.

You will be able to see the three sections that this function has:


Remote setup

It allows you to configure some of the settings from another telephone and remotely, just by sending predefined codes via SMS. To do this you must activate the function and set the Allowed Numbers that can send these messages:

*Remember that, depending on the conditions of the rate you have contracted with your company, these SMS may incur a cost.

The remote setup codes are:

- Activate/deactivate the SOS function:





- Set the SOS numbers:


Set the number 1 SOS to 1111111111


Set the number 1 SOS to 2222222222


Set the number 1 SOS to 3333333333

- Delete SOS numbers:


Delete number 1 SOS


Delete number 2 SOS


Delete number 3 SOS

- Set the ringer volume to maximum:


Set the ringer volume to maximum 


Smart notifications

Smart notifications are SMS text messages that are sent to a helper phone. These notifications tell the receiver that something has happened to be aware: the battery is low (less than 15%) or there has been a missed call.


Timbre inteligente

This feature raises the ringer of a call to the maximum automatically if, after a missed call, the same number calls again in less than 3 minutes.


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