Easy mode

The default launcher of ZEUS 4G/ZEUS 4G PRO is Android Normal Mode:


On this home screen, the first icon is the launcher Mode selection icon.

Through this application you can change the launcher to Easy Mode. To do this, click on the Mode icon, the following menu will appear:


Select SPC Easy Mode to switch launchers. You will have to accept several access permissions  for it to work properly.

Once Easy Mode is selected, this is what the screen looks like:


This is the desktop or main screen. There are other screens to the left and right, and they are accessed by sliding your finger across the screen to the left or right, like turning a page.

On the left is the Contacts screen:


A la derecha está la segunda página de aplicaciones:


By default, the most used applications appear on the desktop. One of them, APPS (Applications), is the one that manages which applications of all of them will appear with an icon on the desktop in Easy Mode. If you open it, you will see a list with all the applications, and you can select or remove the ones you want to see in Easy Mode.

The order of the applications in Easy Mode can be changed by holding down each icon and moving them. You can also create groups.

On the Contacts screen you can add your contacts by clicking on each empty position. Once created, by clicking on the Contact you can call them by telephone or send them a text message.

The Shortcuts application is a utility that allows you to make quick device setting changes.:


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