Only one earphone is emitting sound instead of both

It is possible that your headphones have not been paired correctly and that is why only one is emitting sound. To fix this, follow these steps:


Important: make sure that the coloured strips that cover the charging contacts of each ear piece are removed and that the batteries have been charging for a while.


1. On your mobile: remove previous links Settings-> Bluetooth -> (delete, forget ...)

2.Put the headphone base to charge.
3. Put the earphones inside the base with the cover closed and leave them charging for more than 2 minutes.
4. Hold down the button on the bottom of the base for 7 seconds.
5. On your mobile: turn off the Bluetooth.
6. Remove both earphones from the case to automatically pair them with each other.
7. They should start blinking for a few seconds and then one will stop blinking, that means they have been paired.


They can now be linked to the phone.


7. On your mobile: turn on the Bluetooth.

8. Go to Settings-> Bluetooth, search for the earphones to connect.

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