Maintenance and use

Always clean the accumulated dust and grease with a dry cloth to keep your SPC SOUND POWERPOOL clean.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Only use the speaker with the voltages indicated. The use of other voltages can cause irreversible damage and void the product warranty.

Do not attempt to repair, modify or disassemble your SPC SOUND POWERPOOL.  Get in touch with our technical support service.

Do not use the device in saunas or steam rooms.

Do not expose the device to high-speed or pressurised water, hot water, hot springs, soapy water, liquids such as juices, liquid detergent, disinfectant, perfume, alcohol, oils, creams, or vinegar.

To prevent liquid damage, after using the accessory in wet environments, remember to dry all casings and any areas where water may collect.
If the device is exposed to non-drinking water, such as chlorinated swimming pool water, rinse the device with drinking water.
Do not use a hair dryer to dry wet parts.

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