Connection, automatic reconnection and disconnection of SMARTEE STAR with Android and iOS smartphones

If you have your smartwatch connected to your smartphone and, for whatever reason, it loses connection, what does SMARTEE do to try to reconnect?

In the case of SMARTEE STAR, when the app starts, a callback is registered by which the library notifies SMARTEE of changes in the status of the connection with the device.

In the event that a connection, disconnection, reconnection is notified... the event is captured and action is taken accordingly: showing the status on the screen, starting a synchronisation….

If the SMARTEE STAR loses connection because you go away and come back, the reconnection is done by the library itself, so it is an automatic process. In addition, if there is no automatic reconnection, SMARTEE takes care of forcing the reconnection when the app starts, or when the user presses the connect button.

If Bluetooth is turned off and back on, SMARTEE listens for it and when Bluetooth is turned on, SMARTEE handles reconnection automatically.


Does SMARTEE have any routine so that every X amount of time (15 minutes, for example), it tries to connect to that bracelet?

Indeed, every 15 minutes it tries to perform a synchronisation to dump data. If when trying to sync the SMARTEE app sees that the SMARTEE STAR device is currently offline, it will force the reconnection.


Does it behave differently in IOS and Android?

No, on both platforms it behaves the same.


How do you know your SMARTEE STAR has reconnected?

When the watch is offline, the BT icon on the watch will be shown crossed out; when it is connected, instead, it will be shown with some static waves.


And what happens at night?

If you leave the smartphone too far from your SMARTEE STAR watch, you may experience disconnections and reconnections because the Bluetooth signal is not stable. We recommend that if you are going to use the watch at night, you leave the smartphone near the bed. Otherwise, the optimal thing is to leave the watch turned off or close to the smartphone.

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