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In the main menu, you can find the following functions:


Below we explain the most important in detail.

Datos de salud

In the Health Data menu you will find all the information related to your health measured by your SMARTEE STAR such as daily steps, calories consumed, distance travelled, time in motion, data on sedentary lifestyle and menstrual cycle (activate it via the SMARTEE application) .



In the Exercise menu, you can access the sports you have selected via SMARTEE.


To start a sport, simply enter the sports list and select the one you want to monitor.


If you click on the 3 points on the right, you can mark different objectives for your activity.



While monitoring the sport, scroll down to see all the information collected up to that moment; you can also navigate to the right to control the music playback of your smartphone from your watch.


*Information will vary based on sport and goals selected.


Press the side button to pause the sport; you can resume the chrono by selecting the Play.png button Press the side button to pause the sport; you can resume the chrono by selecting the Stop.png button, then press the screen with your finger until the circle is filled to confirm that you want to finish that activity.




To find out how to load sports on your watch or check the exercises performed, see the following link: 

All my workouts in detail


Exercise logs

You can access the Exercise Records to see the history of sports done.  


Select one of the activities to see how that training went.



Heart rate

You can check your current heart rate and see the graph of values of the day's measurements.



Oxígeno en sangre

You can check your blood oxygen and see the graph of values of the measurements of the day.




You can check your stress level and see the graph of values of the measurements for the day.



Breathing exercise

This is a guided breathing exercise. You can select the speed (fast, normal or slow) and the duration (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 minutes) by clicking on the options before starting the exercise.

Then press Play.png to start the exercise.


Inhale as the flower fills in, and exhale as it fades.


You can end the exercise at any time you want by pressing the side button; then the Play.png button to finish or the Stop.png to continue with the exercise.

*Notice* If you get dizzy or have any complications, stop the exercise immediately.



Check all the data collected while you sleep. You can also access them via the SMARTEE app.


Swipe down to see your sleep hours broken down, the time you fell asleep or woke up.



Check the weather of the selected location on your smartphone from the clock.




Control your smartphone's music playback from your watch.




Activate the stopwatch function by pressing the Chrono_play.png button.


Also, you can:

  1. Separate the time into different segments by pressing Watch.png. You can swipe down to see the times you've set.
  2. Pause time by pressing Chrono_stop.png
  3. Reset the time by pressing Reset.png
  4. Start the time again by pressing Pause.png

You can exit anytime you want by pressing the side button; then the Play.png button to finish or the Stop.png button to keep measuring the time.



You can create alarms for your watch.


And also check the ones you have created, activate and deactivate them through the switch on the right side, edit them by accessing the previously created alarm or delete it.




Set a timer by selecting from predefined times or selecting the time you need manually.


You can pause the time with the Pause.png button, reactivate it with the Chrono_stop.png button or exit with the stoptimer.png button.

You can exit at any time you want by pressing the side button or the stoptimer.png; then the Play.png button to stop or the Stop.png button to continue the timer.

If it ends naturally, the watch will start to vibrate after the time is completed.


Find telephone

Find your telephone with this function; if the telephone is in vibration mode, it will start to vibrate, if the sound is activated, a siren will sound on it.

Press on the screen to start looking for it and the icon will rotate clockwise.




Light up the screen with this function. You will see it white and with maximum brightness to be able to see better in the dark.

Press on the screen to turn it on and press again to turn it off.





  • Activate or deactivate screen wake-up by turning the wrist
  • Turn do not disturb mode on or off
  • Select the sphere or watchface you want from those that are loaded by default
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen among the 5 available options
  • Turn off your watch
  • Reset your watch
  • Clear all user data to return to factory settings. If you select this option, you will lose both the connection with your smartphone and all data stored on the watch.
  • Access the information related to the hardware of your device such as:
          • Bluetooth name
          • Firmware version
          • MAC



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