Contact management

View contact list
1. With the telephone on standby, press the “contact list” key or access contact list from the main menu.

2. Use the up/down navigation keys to scroll through the list and view all contacts.

Quick search:
With the contact list on the screen, enter the first few letters of the contact you are looking for. Contacts containing these letters will be displayed.

Contact options:
Select a contact and press “Option” to see the available options: View, Send SMS, Select, Edit, Delete, Copy, Edit vCard, Add to blacklist, Select multiple, and Settings.

Add a Contact
1. When entering Contact List, choose the option "Add contact” in the upper part, and press OK.

2. Select the memory to which you want to save the contact (SIM1, SIM2, or on the telephone).

3. Enter the contact information (Name, Number).

4. Once edited, press “Option”>"Save" to save the contact.

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