Installation and first use

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Lift up the battery cover using the tab located at the bottom of the phone, and remove the battery by lifting from the notch located at the top of the battery compartment.

Insert the SIM card(s) (MiniSIM format) in the indicated position, lining up the gold contacts of the phone and the card(s).

If applicable, insert the Micro SD memory card in the indicated position.

Insert the battery by matching the gold contacts on the phone and the battery.

To charge the terminal, connect the charger to the phone's USB C connector located at the bottom of it. Do not force the connection if it is not immediate. 

Before you start using it, remember to remove the screen protector.

Power key for a few seconds to turn on the telephone. Enter the PIN that appears on your SIM card. If two SIM cards are inserted, the telephone will ask for the PIN of SIM 1 first and then SIM 2.

Press and hold this key to turn the telephone off.

NOTE: The personal identification number (PIN) protects the SIM card from unauthorised use. The PIN unlocking key (PUK number) allows you to unlock a blocked PIN. The PIN and PUK are provided with the SIM card. For more details, contact your operator

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