Camera (micro SD memory card required)

Activate the camera by accessing "Menu" --> "Multimedia" --> ”Camera”.

OK key – press to take photo.

In "Options" --> "Camera settings" you can adjust the parameters of the camera.

Once the photo has been taken, in "Options" it is possible to Send via Bluetooth, or Delete the photo. In "Options" --> "Photos" you can also access the photos taken, and via "Options" we can access a greater number of options: you can see the photo, send it via Bluetooth, use it as wallpaper, rename it, delete, or view image details.


Video recording (micro SD memory card required)

With the camera activated, access the camera options to switch to video mode “Switch to video”. And choose “Switch to photo” to return to photo mode.

OK Key – Press to start/pause the video. Press "Stop" to end the video

Press “Options” --> "Video Settings" to modify the settings.

Music player

Access the sound player via "Menu" --> "Multimedia" --> ”Audio Player”. Play music from the telephone memory/SD card.

Video player

Access the sound player via "Menu" --> "Multimedia" --> ”Videos”. View videos on the telephone memory/SD card.


FM Radio

(Headphones are not needed for channel reception)

Access FM radio via "Menu" --> "Multimedia" --> ”FM Radio”.

OK key - Press this key to turn on/pause the radio.

Left/Right Navigation Keys – Press these keys to change radio stations.

Up/down navigation keys - to increase/decrease the tuner frequency.

* and # keys – press to decrease/increase the volume.

Via the “Options” menu you can carry out an automatic or manual search for stations, see the list of stations found, save stations and record the broadcast (with microSD card).



Access the images from "Menu" --> "Multimedia" --> ”Image Viewer”. View images and photos on the telephone memory/SD card.

Within each image, in "Options" you can send the image and use it as a wallpaper, among other functions.

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