Audio profiles

This setting is within the "Profiles" menu. Here you can select and configure the type of ringtone for calls, volume level, message tone, etc. By default the selected profile is General.

With the cursor keys you can move between the available profiles and confirm selection with the centre key.

Select a profile and press "Options"" to customise it.


Phone settings

This option and the following are within the "Settings" menu.

Here you can set the time, date, language, text input method, screen, display (background, lighting, lock...) and dedicated keys.


Security settings

Set and modify security and privacy settings and codes such as SIM PIN, Phone, etc.. The default security password is 0000. Another interesting option is "Password for menus", which, if activated, will block access by requesting a password to be able to enter the telephone's functions defined.


SIM settings

For the configuration of the operation mode with two SIM cards.


Smart Help

This option allows you to access the Smart Help functions: Remote setup, Smart Ringer and Smart Notifications.

You have detailed information about these functions in these links:

Restaurar configuración

Permite restaurar a fábrica la configuración del teléfono. The phone settings password is required, which is 0000 by default.

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