Settings while reading

To access the general settings on your DICKENS LIGHT 2 during reading mode, press and hold the button 4.png for 2 seconds on reading screen. 

Use the directional controls on the centre button to move between the different options.

The following settings will appear:: 

  • Add/Remove Bookmark: Add a bookmark to the current page. If it already exists a bookmark, this option allows you to delete it.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmarks appear, allowing direct access to their corresponding pages.
  • Table of contents: Access the book's contents, if available.
  • Add to favourites: Add the book to favourites. In the Library it will appear highlighted with a star. If it is already a favourite, this option allows you to delete it from your favourites.
  • Go to the page: Select the page number to go directly to it, use the arrow keys to set the number via the on-screen keypad.
  • Search: Not valid for all types of files, search for a word in the book. Use the arrow keys and the OK key to move around the keyboard and write the word to search. 
  • Font size: Not valid for all types of files. Select the font size, 6 different sizes, from smallest to largest, from S to XXXL. 
  • Zoom size: Available only for pdf files, allows you to select the zoom level of the document.
  • Margin: Defines the reading margin.
  • Rotate page: Allows you to rotate the screen to the right or left (horizontal), suitable for left and right handed. The screen can be rotated 180º by two consecutive rotations.
  • Black/White Text: Invert the colours (white letters on black background) for less screen glare.
  • Auto page turning: Configure automatic page turning, allowing definition of the time interval: every 10, 20, 30 seconds, 1, 2 minutes.
  • Screen refresh: Configure after how many pages changes the screen is refreshed, from every page to every 5 pages. 
  • About the book: View current book information.
  • Exit: Exit settings.
  • Add link: Not valid for all types of files. Displays Footnotes for the current page. A small cursor appears at the top right. If there is a Note, press the middle button to view it. Yes there are several notes, you can move between them with the up and down cursors. To exit this mode, access Settings again and select the last option.

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