Turning on, charging and battery

Power on, charging and battery


This article is intended for users of DICKENS LIGHT 2.

First of all, thank you for trusting in SPC. In this article we will guide you so that you can start using your DICKENS LIGHT 2.

Turning on your DICKENS LIGHT 2

To turn it on you must press the   power_settings_new  button that you'll find at the bottom for about 5 seconds.


Once you have clicked on that button, the electronic ink screen on your DICKENS LIGHT 2 will turn on.

A short press on this button enters Standby mode (sleep). In this status, a short press turns on the device. This mode is advisable when the reader is used frequently, since it allows for faster start up.

If it is not going to be used, it should be turned off completely. To turn it off, press the button again for about 5 seconds.



Your DICKENS LIGHT 2 has an internal battery. Before you start using it you will need to charge it with a charger. To do this, we recommend using the USB cable that you will find among the accessories supplied in the box and connect it to a PC or Mac, or to the power supply using a USB charger from your mobile ‘phone or tablet (not supplied). It does not matter if the DICKENS LIGHT 2 is on or off, as soon as it is connected, the screen will light up and the charging process will begin. 


Remember to charge the battery when:

  • The empty battery icon appears on the screen  battery_alert
  • The buttons do not activate
  • The reader does not function properly under normal circumstances

Battery life

Your DICKENS LIGHT 2 has a battery life of about 1 month, may vary depending on the mode of use, light intensity and the setting.


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