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What profiles and compatibilities do SPC ZION PRO have?

Your SPC ZION PRO Bluetooth version 5.0 with the following profiles:

- Advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP). It allows transmission of stereo audio signals.

- Hands free profile (HFP), designed to control a mobile ‘phone from a fixed hands free unit in the car.

- Headset profile (HSP), offers the basic functions necessary for communication between  a mobile ‘phone  and a speaker.


First pairing

Using a music player with a Bluetooth connection (smartphone, tablet, MP3, MP4...) you can listen to your music through your SPC ZION PRO.

To make a new connection to the SPC ZION PRO via Bluetooth, open the cover of the charging dock of your SPC ZION PRO to turn them on, in turn, you will have to activate the Bluetooth connection on your device. Once this connection is activated you will have to search for your SPC ZION PRO in the list of Bluetooth devices detected. Once selected, the earbuds will emit an established connection sound.


Modo mono

If after pairing your SPC ZION PRO you only take one earbud from the charging case and close the cover of the charging dock leaving the other earbud inside, you can use a single earbud, leaving the other unused. SPC ZION PRO will appear in the list of detected Bluetooth devices.  


Conexión fallida 

If you have problems with the connection of your SPC ZION PRO, either because they do not appear in the list of Bluetooth devices, because sound only comes through one earbud, or for other reasons, you can reset them as follows: 

- Place both earbud inside the charging dock and with the lid raised, press and hold the lower button for 6 seconds. After this action, both earbuds will flash rapidly and then automatically pair between the two, in turn, they will unlink from the devices with which they had been previously linked, so they will return to their original factory setting. 



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