UVC light/ionizer benefits

The ionizer electrically charges the air molecules so that the floating particles attract each other. By attracting each other, they end up falling to the ground under their own weight, making it possible to remove them with a damp cloth. The use of vacuum cleaners or brooms is not recommended as the particles could come loose again. The negative ions generated by the equipment are completely safe for the user.

UVC light works as a germicide and bactericide. Using UVC light has been shown to kill and/or prevent the spread of micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. It is a good alternative to the use of chemicals. By implementing it in our device, we can guarantee greater air purification. It is isolated from the outside to avoid exposure to the user. Whenever the rear cover of the equipment is opened, it is recommended to disconnect it from the mains to avoid exposing yourself to UVC light or its moving parts.

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