The Sedna humidifier has the function of aromatising the environment at the same time as humidifies, for this scented oil must be added in the sponge, located in the air intake.

The air intake is located at the bottom right of the humidifier.

SEDNA: at the bottom right of the humidifier.



EVADNE: at the rear of the humidifier.



To access the cotton where the aromatic oil is added, you must press the tray where it says "Aroma" until you hear a click, which frees the tray to be able to extract it from the equipment.



Sponge where the aromatic oil is added.



To put the tray back in its place, follow the same process used to remove it: put it in place and press it until you hear a click.

By following all these steps a scented humidification of the environment is achieved, using the aromatic oil that you like the most.


*Do not add the aromatic oil directly to the tank under any circumstances, it could cause equipment damage.

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