Main menu

In the main menu, you can find the following functions:




In the sports function, you can access the sports that you have loaded from Smartee to the bracelet.


To start a sport, simply enter the sports list and select the one you want to monitor.



If you select a sport with GPS, wait for the positioning to update to be able to monitor your GPS position.


While monitoring the sport,   if you slide sideways, you will be able to navigate through the different data screens it contains.


Depending on the sport, some screens will not be displayed. 


To finish, press and hold the side button and then confirm with ""done"" to end.



To find out how to load sports on your watch or check your exercises, check the following link: 

All my workouts in detail


Heart rate

You can check your current pulse rate and see the graph of values of the measurements of the day.





It is a guided breathing exercise. You can select the duration 1 or 2 minutes.



*Aviso* If you get dizzy or have any complications, stop the exercise immediately.



Consult and activate/deactivate the alarms configured through Smartee.




Control of music

Control the compatible multimedia content that you are playing on your mobile.





Stopwatch on the first tab.

Press ""play_arrow"" to start/resume, ""pause"" to stop and ""stop"" to end.



Countdown on the second tab.

Set the time, press ""play_arrow"" to start/resume, ""pause"" to stop and ""stop"" to end.

When the counter reaches 0, the bracelet will vibrate to notify you.






Faces - Select the watch style.

Brightness - Adjusts the brightness of the screen.

Pulsación larga - Sets the action to take when maintaining side button pressed.

Information - Information relevant to the watch.

Power off - Turn off the watch.

Reset - Perform a factory reset of the watch.


Sports records

Check the log of activities completed.





If the watch has obtained the location of your phone, you can check the forecast current weather according to your GPS position for today and the next 2 days.



To make sure you get the weather information, open Google maps on android or maps on iOS and verify that what is shown matches your current location. Once confirmed, open Smartee and synchronise the bracelet so that it obtains the necessary information to display the weather screen.


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