Battery, charge and battery life


To charge your watch, connect the cable connector to the rear pins. The built-in magnets will ensure the connection is made correctly. Finally, connect the USB end to a USB port.

In 2h you can have your equipment fully charged to enjoy it 5 to 7 days, depending on use. 




Battery life for basic use; with cardio measurement every 30 minutes and weekly sports monitoring for half an hour, is 12-13 days

Battery life for typical use; with cardio measurement every minute and a weekly monitoring of an hour and a half of sport, is 5-6 days

Battery life for intensive use; with cardio measurement every minute and daily monitoring of 2 hours of sport, is 2-4 days

Battery life forstandby mode; without HR or sport monitoring is 15 days


*Battery life values may vary depending on the smartphone and other external factors.*


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