Special functions

To help you create a much more hygienic and purified environment, the humidifier has two functions that ensure that the water emitted into the environment in vapour form is free from bacteria and allergens, relieving the sensation of nasal congestion and helping to reduce some of the discomfort as a result of colds.

Plasma ioniser (SEDNA)

The plasma ioniser is responsible for reducing airborne particles , such as dust, pollen, or allergens. These particles contain a large charge of positive ions. The plasma ioniser charges the water vapour with negative charges (anions) that, when expelled into the ambient air, they join with dust particles and other allergens and fall to the ground, leaving a much cleaner atmosphere, helping you breathe.


Ultraviolet Cleaning Advance Technology (SEDNA + EVADNE)

Ultraviolet light is a germicidal light, whose purpose is very similar to that of the plasma ioniser: to sterilise the steam emitted by the humidifier to achieve a much cleaner, purer environment free of germs and bacteria that may be in the air.

For this, it has a UV-C type LED lamp that applies its light so that the steam to be emitted from the humidifier comes out clean, which destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria that can be found in the water and helps to eliminate harmful particles found in the environment.


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