Installing the SPC Vesta valve

If you want to know how to install your SPC Vesta in the radiators of your home, follow this simple guide.


Before installation it is important that you make sure that the valves on your radiators are thermostatic, if the valves are manual Vesta will not be compatible.


1. Put 2 AA batteries in your Hestia valve; to do this, press the lock button and slide the lid out.


2. Once they are in the correct position, replace the cover (note the position of the lock button).


3. The display will show the message “LA” flashing while the rod returns to the initial position.


4. Check that the rod is in line with the base of the valve or that the display has stopped flashing while still showing the message ""LA"".


5. Place the Hestia valve on the radiator and thread the M30x1.5 outer nut by hand, when reaching the stop, finish the tightening without using any tools, but making sure that it is correctly adjusted and tightened.


6. Briefly press the valve rotary control button, the display will start to flash again showing “LA” on the display while self-adjusting.


7. Once the self-adjusting is complete, the display will show the target temperature and the installation of the valve on the radiator is complete.



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