Which radiator valves is SPC Vesta compatible with?

If you already have in your heating installation thermostatic heads on the radiators, the installation of SPC Vesta will be very simple.

You will only have to unscrew your old thermostatic radiator head and place your SPC Vesta on the valve.

You should check that the thread is M30x1.5, if so, you can manually screw the Vesta valve directly , when you reach the stop, finish the tightening by hand without using any tools, as this may damage the valve thread and force both parts (head and valve) to be connected.

You can find out more about how to install them in this article.

If your radiator valve has a different metric, you can use the adapters included with the product.

To find out how to install Caleffi, Danfoss or Giacomini adapters you can access their corresponding articles, ""how to install the Caleffi valve adapter"" ""how to install the Danfoss valve adapter"" y ""how to install the adapter for Giacomini valves"".

If your radiator valve is from a different brand, you can contact our customer service or contact a professional to install it.


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