Turn on your SPC Hestia or SPC Vesta when you get closer to home thanks to geolocation

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Imagine that your thermostat turns on when you have left work and you are close to home so that the temperature is ideal on your arrival or that the temperature cools when you move away from home, maintaining a temperature that you have pre-programmed.

This is possible if you have both the Hestia thermostat and the Vesta valves and if you use our application for iOS and Android, SPC IoT.

Next, we show you how you can get it in a simple way:

  1. Access the ""smart"" menu to create a new automation that starts when the condition of “when the location changes” is met.img1.png
  2. Select the option ""When arriving at a place"" so that the heating is activated when you get home. Enter your address and modify the radius distance at which you want the automation to activate and then you must choose which device will run.img2.png
  3. In this case we will program our SPC Hestia thermostat to turn on at 22.5 °C, you can create an automation to suit your preferences, then save it.img3.png
  4. To start using it, check that the automation has been created correctly and that it is activated.img4.jpg


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