Synchronization problems: Alternative mode for cameras (QR Code)

If when trying to synchronize your camera, its indicator LED is red and flashing rapidly, your smartphone or tablet is connected to a 2.4GHz network but you are unable to synchronise, this synchronization mode will help you connect your camera.

  1. Select ""Cameras"" in the product categories and in the upper right corner where ""EZ Mode"" appears by default select ""QR Code"".
  2. Confirm and enter your 2.4GHz network and its password.
  3. Confirm again, here you will have an explanation of how to read the QR code with your camera.
  4. Read and advance to the next step in the process, now you will have to put the camera in front of the mobile screen, at 15-20 cm until you hear a sound from the camera.
  5. Once you hear this sound emitted by the camera, confirm that you have heard it and the device will be linked to the network.

If all the previous steps have been successful, when this process in completed your camera will have successfully synchronized with your account.

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