Manual for viewing SPC cameras from the website

1. Go to the following page:

    You’ll see this screen:


2. Open the SPC IoT app and go to the Profile screen. Once here open the QR scan by clicking in the upper-right corner to read the QR code shown on the website.



3. Then select “Confirm login” to start viewing your cameras from the website.



4. Now you’ll be able to:

  • View the cameras you’ve got synced with your account in the SPC IoT app live on the web by selecting the “Live View” option.
  • Access the images stored in the Cloud from those cameras by selecting the “Cloud Service” option
  • Change the viewing mode from one camera to four or eight simultaneously using the grid in the bottom-left
  • Move the position if its features allow you to do so using the virtual joystick which appears within the image
  • Mute the cameras’ sound


*For the moment this function is compatible with SPC Teia and SPC Lares 1080px cameras

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