SOS function. Configuration and use

You need to configure the SOS emergency numbers to make use of this functionality.

SOS number settings:

Via “Contacts”/”Opt.”/""Settings""/""SOS"":

• Activate the function ""Status""/""On”.

• Set the emergency numbers in ""SOS numbers"" (1 to 5), the numbers must be saved in the phonebook and in the telephone memory.

• Enter the help message that will be sent to the SOS numbers “SOS Message”.

Using the SOS function:


During an emergency, press and hold the SOS key for a few seconds. He terminal will start calling the previously established numbers. Then the call cycle will start and send the SOS message at the end of this cycle. The telephone will activate the speaker and call the SOS numbers in consecutive order, if there is no answer, it will jump to the next number until one of them responds, this cycle will be repeated 3 times.

Cancel the SOS function:

If you have activated the SOS function by mistake, you can stop making calls   pressing the key  .

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