During a call, you can make and receive more calls from/to the same number.

1. With the telephone in standby mode, dial the number you want to call.

2. Press  for delete incorrectly entered digits.

3. Press  to make the call. 

4. When you make the call, if the number is stored in the phone book, the name of the contact will appear on the display.

5. Press  to  end the call.

Call a contact from the phonebook:

1. Press ""Contacts"" from the home screen using the right function key. The display will show the list of contacts in alphabetical order.

2. Use the up/down keys to scroll through the list to the desired contact.

3. Press the call key  to   call the selected contact.

4. Press the end call key  to end the call.

Calling from the log:

1. With the phone on hold, press   to access the call log. You can also access the log from the main menu.

2. Use the navigation keys to scroll through the list, select   a record and press  to call.

Make a call with speed dial: 

You can also set speed dial numbers for the 1 to 9 keys. Press and hold the number key set as speed dial to dial the assigned number.

NOTE: The keys must be configured previously, via ""Contacts-->Opt.-->Settings-->Contacts speed dial"", contacts must be previously saved in the phonebook. 

Answer/reject a call:

When you receive a call the number or name will be displayed on the screen. Press   the key to answer  o  to reject the call.


During conversation

During the conversation, press mceclip0.png to activate hands-free mode.

During the conversation, press “Mute“ to mute the microphone.

During the conversation, press “Options“ to access the various options:

• Adjust the headphone volume

• Put the call on hold or resume it

• Add a call



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