SMS text message

New message received

When you receive a new text message, the telephone beeps and displays a message on the screen. Also the icon will be displayed   on the screen.

To open the message:

1. Go to the ""Messages/Received menu"" New messages are marked with a closed envelope icon.

2. Press OK to open and read the message  .

3. Each message will be marked with an ""1"" or ""2"" icon depending on the SIM card via which the message was received.

NOTE: The new message icon   will remain on screen as long as there are unread messages.

Message options: 

When you open a message, you can:

    •  Delete: Delete the current . message

Answer: Reply to the message with another text message.   

  • Forward: Forward the message to another contact.
  • Call: Call the person who sent you the message.
  • Move: Access advanced messages to copy/move messages from   SIM memory to phone memory.
  • Copy: Copy the message to the SIM or to the phone.
  • Add sender to: Add to new contact, Add to existing contact.  
  • Details: Check message delivery details.


Write and receive a message

Text input:

Text input mode is the font used in messages,   when entering contacts etc. With the # key you can access the options: Sp,   sp, SP 123 or writing language. The icon in the upper right indicates   the mode used.



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