How to continuously record video

It’s possible to continously record video from our cameras using an SD card that we can insert in the slot for them (maximum card capacity can’t be more than 128GB).

Once the card is inserted, we don't have to turn on any additional features, we can simply go to the recordings by selecting the Play option from our camera’s control panel, and here we can browse through the calendar to select the recordings by date.

*The recordings will continuously overwrite themselves, and below you are given an estimate of recording size and length for a 64 GB card:

The 720p camera for a 1-hour period takes up around 250MB

The 1080p camera for a 1-hour period takes up around 300MB




64 GB x 1024MB = 65536MB

65536MB / 250MB ~ 262 hours

262 h / 24 h = 10 days



64 GB x 1024MB = 65536MB

65536MB / 300MB ~ 218 h

218 h / 24 h = 9 days



*This function is not compatible with battery operated cameras, which record only events to optimise battery saving due to the nature of the product.

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