Connecting to 3G and 4G mobile networks - See Javi and Maite

Connectivity to 3G and 4G mobile networksYour smartphone has 3G or 4G mobile connectivity. You can insert an operator's SIM card to make calls and access the Internet.

Insert a SIM card

Your smartphone has two SIM card slots. We recommend using slot 1 by default. To correctly insert the SIM card into your smartphone, see the "Quick Guide" that you will find inside the box.

SIM card management

When the device is started up for the first time, different messages about the SIM card or cards will be displayed, which will invite you to modify (or not) the device's own parameters, as well as the messages and the Internet connection.

Press and the SIM Cards menu will be displayed. There you can:

  • Customise the information on the SIM cards by clicking on the option you wish to configure.
  • Set the default SIM for Voice call, Video call, Messages and Data connection.
  • Activate the data connection for one of the cards.

I can't browse the internet

This device is designed to automatically recognise the APNs of the vast majority of operators, but it is possible that with certain virtual operators you may have to select the correct operator from the list of APNs.

If, despite having activated the data for the selected card, you cannot browse the Internet, you must select the correct operator name manually.
Go to Settings> Networks and Internet> Mobile network> Access Point Names and choose the correct operator from the list.

My operator does not appear in the list

If your telephone operator is not listed or if the list is empty, contact your operator to configure the APNs manually. To do this:

1. Press the (+) icon and complete the information provided by your operator.
2. Press the Menu icon again and select Save.
3. When you go to the previous menu, choose the APN you just saved.

Virtual operators

Sometimes, virtual operators are recognised as roaming operators. If this is your case, please continue reading and activate the option "Data roaming"


When travelling abroad, ask your telephone operator if you should activate or not the data roaming, if so you can do it from the menu Settings> Mobile network> Roaming. Otherwise, the internet connection will be deactivated by default to avoid higher bills.

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