The smartphone does not turn on

The smartphone does not turn on

The smartphone shows that it is charging, but does not turn on
Keep in mind that if your smartphone is completely discharged and you connect it to the power to charge it, it will need a few minutes until it reaches the minimum battery level for the boot.

Charger and cable used

Be sure to use the charger and cable supplied with your smartphone. Although all micro USB cables look the same, not all connectors are the same length, and sometimes problems occur as a result.


If, despite the above, your smartphone shows a charging signal but you cannot turn it on, follow these steps:

If your smartphone has a removable battery:

  • Open the cover, remove the battery and replace it after a few seconds.
  • Perform a normal press of 3 seconds.

If your smartphone does not have a removable battery:

  • Long press the power button for at least 60 seconds
  • Wait 10 secondsPerform a normal press of 3 seconds

If none of these methods work, please contact us.

The smartphone does not turn on or show a charging signal

Sometimes, if the battery is VERY discharged, it is possible that after connecting the charger to the mains, your smartphone needs several minutes to start charging. Do not worry, after a few minutes the battery will reach the minimum battery level for starting.

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