How to improve battery performance

To improve the battery performance of your smartphone and try to extend battery life, we suggest the following:

Lower the brightness of the screen to a minimum

The highest battery consumption in a smartphone is the screen. The higher the brightness, the more it will consume and cause the battery to run out more quickly. To avoid this, set the brightness level to a minimum or a low level, you will save a lot in this way.

Close applications you are not using instead of leaving them running in the background

Be careful with multitasking, your tablet is capable of running different applications at the same time, but this will cause the battery to run out more quickly and in turn slow down the tablet. To avoid this, close the ones you are not using at that time.

Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth if you do not need to be connected

If you are not going to use applications that require Bluetooth or WiFi to be activated, it is better to deactivate them, since they will be consuming battery unnecessarily. Activate wireless connections only when you need them.

Do not install or place unnecessary widgets on desktops

On tablets you can configure widgets for the different desktops (weather forecast applications, for example), but they consume battery, since they are constantly updating the information to see it in real time. It is better to open the application every time you need than installing the widget for it.

Disable automatic synchronisation of email and other applications

Applications with automatic notifications, such as email and social networks periodically connect to the internet to check for updates, which can lead to higher battery consumption. Configure them so that you check the information every time you need it instead of letting the application do it automatically (push).

Activate the different modes and energy saving options of the smartphone itselfWithin the settings of the smartphone itself, there are some energy saving modes that will increase the duration of this. You can activate them via:

Settings> Battery> Battery saving.

Also, set the smartphone so that the screen turns off every so often if you are not using it. Do that via:

Settings> Display> Sleep.

Avoid leaving the tablet in places with extremely high or low temperatures

Very high or very low temperatures can damage the battery, so avoid leaving the tablet in places exposed to high or low temperatures, such as inside the car, on the beach ...

Charge the tablet while turned off

If you charge the tablet while it is turned on, the tablet has a residual consumption, so the charge process or cycle will not be optimal. It is better to charge your smartphone while it is turned off.

Be careful with the applications you install

Only install applications from the Play Store that you really need. If you install applications not certified by Google, nobody assures their correct operation and behaviour, that is why you should install the official version whenever possible. Also, uninstall all those that you are not using. They could have background processes that increase battery consumption.

Reset the smartphone to factory settings

If even after following these tips, you notice that your smartphone discharges very quickly, we advise you carry out a factory reset, via:

Settings> System> Recovery options> Clear all data.

Careful! When performing a factory reset, all user information (applications, accounts, photos...) will be lost, so we advise you to make a backup of your data beforehand.

And finally, if you have questions about the operation of the battery, do not hesitate to contact us.

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