Common queries about battery charging

Battery life

Batteries are consumable, like the ink of a pen. They use technology or Li-ion or Li-Polymer that over time, whether we like or not, causes them to deteriorate and change. This means that its behaviour varies over time, reducing its maximum charge capacity and charging times. Additionally, when performing partial charge cycles, the battery indicator may lose synchronisation. In this article we try to answer our users’ most common questions.

The battery indicator is unstable or unreliable

For the correct operation of the battery it is best that the battery goes through full charge (up to more than 80%) and discharge cycles (not less than 20%). This helps keep its life stable
However, it can sometimes happen that the partial charging and discharging processes cause the battery indicator to become unstable. If this is the case, try a full discharge of the battery and recharge it to 100% capacity.
Once this is done, check if the battery indicator behaves correctly.
For more information, see our help article on how to improve battery performance. (link to article above)

Can I charge the battery and use the smartphone at the same time?

Charging through a mains chargerIf you are charging your smartphone using the charger provided in the box (see model), you can use all its functions. You have to keep in mind that while using the smartphone you are consuming energy, mainly because the screen is on, so the charge will be slower.

Charging through a computerIf you are charging the smartphone through a computer, you can use all the functions of the smartphone, as long as you have activated the "Charge only" function, which is the default.

The battery of my smartphone does not charge up to 100%Remember that your device may be consuming energy that causes the battery to not reach 100% charge in some special circumstances, such as when you use it while it is charging.
This should not be considered as an anomaly, the battery of your smartphone is working correctly and when left unused while connected to the mains it should reach 100%.

The charge is very slow

Be sure to use the charger and cable supplied with your smartphone. Although all micro USB cables look the same, not all connectors are the same length, and sometimes problems occur as a result.

Charge time

The charging time may vary depending on the status of the tablet. If it is in use while charging, the process will be longer. If it is idle or off, which is recommended, charging will be quicker.

The smartphone is not chargingBe sure to use the charger and cable supplied with your smartphone. Although all micro USB cables look the same, not all connectors are the same length, and sometimes problems occur as a result.

Charging with chargers not includedIf you want to use a charger not included in the box, keep in mind that:

  • For smartphones with batteries below 11Wh (approximately 3,000mAh) you can charge the battery in a reasonable time with a standard USB charger for a mobile phone or smartphone, with a regular power of 5W (5V and 1A).
  • For smartphones with batteries greater than 11Wh (approximately 3,000mAh), we recommend using a USB charger with a power of at least 7.5W (5V and 1.5A).

Very low charge level

Keep in mind that if your phone's battery level is very low, you probably need a few minutes from its connection to the mains to reach the minimum level for starting. This period could be extended to a maximum of one hour in specific cases, but there is nothing to worry about, the phone is still in perfect condition.

Trial and error procedureIf after a few minutes, you continue to experience this problem, please follow the steps below:

1. Try using different power sources to see if the problem may be due to the plug you are using.
2. Try charging other devices with these accessories to see if the anomaly continues.
3. Try using the USB charger of another device you have in your home.

The smartphone only works connected to the power

Please try to charge the battery 100% and carry out a usage test. If the problem persists, it is likely that the battery is damaged due to use, or defective. Please contact our technicians to evaluate your case.

Noises in the charger

Some chargers, at specific times, could produce a little hum. This is normal. Always use the charger that comes supplied with your smartphone.

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