First use

If you have just been given a gift or have bought a new smartphone and want to know how to set it up and start it up, follow these simple steps:

1.- Once you have inserted your SIM card, turn on the phone and enter the PIN.
2.- Confirm the language and connect to your trusted Wi-Fi network to be able to copy your data to the new phone and download your usual applications later.
3.- Select ‘Copy your data’ to install the backup of your old smartphone that you have previously had to save in the cloud.
4.- It is now time to enter your Google email address and password.
5.- Accept Google's terms of service and privacy policy in order to continue. Your phone will now start to receive your account information.
6.- Select the backup from which to copy your data. If you have more than one, choose the most recent.
7.- Now you can choose the applications and settings you want to restore. Press the ‘Next’ button to continue advancing in the process and activate a protection mode. You can also skip this step now and protect your smartphone later.
8.- On the Voice Assistant screen, press the ‘No, thanks’ button if you want to speed up the first use set-up process. You can access the Assistant later to activate it if you want.
9.- The screen where Google shows and explains its services of Backup in Google Drive, Location and Device Maintenance will be shown. We recommend that you read this information carefully before clicking on ‘I accept’.
10.- If you do not want to add anything else, press ‘No, thanks’ and you will have successfully completed the initial start-up of your new phone.

Now you can enjoy your new smartphone! If you display the top notification bar, you will see that the same applications you had on your previous phone are already being installed. You can also check it through the Play Store and the option ‘My applications and games’.

Access your ‘Contacts’ to check that they have been exported correctly from your Google account.

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