Your smartphone's memory

Your smartphone's memory
Your tablet has an internal memory of between 16 and 64 GB (depending on the model). This memory is partly used by the operating system, and the minimum files and apps necessary to offer you a complete AndroidTM experience. You can check the memory available to you on the box for your smartphone.

How do I copy content to my smartphone's memory?


Connect the smartphone to your computer using the USB cable supplied. The smartphone will be in charging mode. You must select "Multimedia device (MTP)" by displaying the notification panel.


If you have a Mac, you will also need to install the AndroidTM File Transfer app on your Mac.

How do increase my smartphone's memory?

To increase your smartphone's memory permanently, you can insert a card into its microSD slot.

Once the card is inserted, a message will appear on the screen for you to choose the way in which you will install the card.
Normally it is advisable to use the internal memory for applications and use an SD card as Portable Storage (Memory Expansion) for multimedia files (photos, videos, music). But if the internal memory is full of applications, then an SD card will have to be configured as Internal Storage.

The SD card can be set as:

• Internal storage:
- It is formatted and "joins" the internal memory.
- Applications and cache can be put on the SD memory and multimedia files remain in the phone memory. Applications can be moved from the phone's internal to the SD.
- The SD cannot be read when removed from the phone.
- This option is not highly recommended: AndroidTM does not advise the use of SD cards to host applications, due to possible speed problems in read-write operations that can cause problems (crashes, slowdown...). If an SD is used it must be high quality and high speed.

• Portable storage (Memory expansion):
- The card is not formatted, the content can be read by connecting the phone to a PC or removing the card and inserting it into a reader.
- You can only store multimedia files. You cannot move applications to the card.

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