Google accounts

Your smartphone has Google Play Store and Google Mobile Services preinstalled. Therefore, to start using the full range of Google apps you will need a Google account.

Users with a Google account

Your smartphone will guide you through the log-in process for your Google account.

Users without a Google account

Your smartphone will guide you through the process to create a Google account so that you are able to use all preinstalled Google apps on your smartphone, as well as manage your device against theft or misuse.

Security and linking the smartphone to a Google account

Once you have set up a Google account on your smartphone this device will be linked to that account and even if you reset it and return it to the factory settings, this account will be stored in the internal records of the smartphone, as well as on the servers of Google. If you want to log in to the smartphone again, you must use the same account to activate the smartphone.

This SPC, Google and AndroidTM functionality improves your security. You can find more information in the control panel of your Google account (in English):

I can't unlock my smartphoneIf

you cannot recover your smartphone from the AndroidTM website, contact our technicians.

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