Set the time, date, language, shortcuts, auto on/off. You can also carry out a factory reset. This option is password protected (default 1122).


Set your keyboard wallpaper, brightness, and backlight time. Press ""Done"" to save the values.


Set and modify security and privacy settings and codes such as SIM PIN, keyboard lock, etc.


Configure call settings, SIM cards, diversions, identity, call restriction  , etc.


Select and configure the ring type for calls, alarms, messages,   volume etc. By default the selected profile is General.

Press ""Activate"" to select the desired profile.

Select a profile and click on ""Options""/""Settings"" to customise it.

Speed ​​Dial

Set the phone numbers to dial using keys 1-9   using speed dial. 


Activate or deactivate the use of a SIM1 or SIM2 card, activate or deactivate airplane mode. 

Remote control

Function explained in more detail in the ""Remote control"" section of this   section.


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