Other functions


Via this option, you can configure up to 3 different alarms. Select one of the alarms (by default they are disabled) and press “Options” and "On" or "Off" (with left function key) to activate/deactivate the alarms. To set them:

1. Settings: Press “Settings” (with the “5” key) to access alarm setup.

2. Press the navigation key to scroll down the list of options.

You can set the message, time, ringer and type of repetition. Once edited, press OK to save the changes. An icon will be displayed at the top of the screen

 File list

Via this option, you can access files stored in the telephone memory or on the micro-SD memory card.


Calculator function, use the numeric keypad and the up/down navigation keys to use it.


Timer function.


Set the status, visibility, name, etc. of the Bluetooth connection. Link new devices such as Bluetooth headsets via the “Linked devices”/”Add new device” option, pressing on “Add”.


With it selected, press "OK" to turn the flashlight on or off.


Calendar function. Via “Options” you can add tasks and change the view.

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