Camera (a micro SD memory card is required)

Activate the camera by pressing the down navigation key or via the “Camera” menu.

Up/down navigation keys - press repeatedly to zoom in/out.

1 key - press to take photo.

Once taken, press “Save” to saved the photo in the memory. Press “Back” to take another photo or press “Options” to delete the photo. You can also send it via Bluetooth via “Options”/”Send”/”Bluetooth”.


Recording video

With the camera on, go to camera options to switch to video mode “Video mode”, “Camera mode” to go back to photo mode. You can access it directly from the “Multimedia”/”Video recording” menu.

1 key - press to start/stop video.

Press “Options” in each mode (photo or video) to access the photo/video options and change settings, effects, etc.*



View images and photos on the telephone memory/SD card.



Voice recorder function. To start a new recording, press the "Options”/”start recording” key, to pause the recording, press the "5" button, to save the recording press "Stop". To listen to the recordings, “Options”/”Recordings list”.


FM Radio

(Mandatory to use with headphones for channel reception) 


OK key - Press this key to turn on/pause the radio.

Left/right navigation keys - press these keys to change the radio station

Up/down navigation keys - to change frequency

* and # keys - press to increase/decrease the volume

From the "Options" menu you can automatically and manually search for stations, see the list the stations found, save stations, play the radio through the speaker, play the radio in the background, record (with microSD card) to listen later or set playback.


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