Contact management


1. With the telephone on standby, press the “Contacts” key to access the contact list from the main menu, “Contacts”.
2. Use the up/down navigation keys to scroll through the list and view all contacts.


Contact options:

Select a contact and press "Options" to see the available options: add new contact, write message, call ... and others, such as assign speed dial, memory status, etc.


Add a Contact

1. With the contacts list on the screen, select "Add contact".
2. Select the memory to which you want to save the contact (SIM 1, SIM 2, telephone).
3. Enter the contact information (name and number), pressing the "5" key to edit.
4. Once edited, press “Save”.


Speed ​​dial

You can assign a speed dial number to the keys 1 to 9. With the telephone on standby, press the “Menu” key to access “Settings”/”Speed ​​dial”. The configurable keys for speed dialling will be displayed.

• Select the key and press “Options”/”Edit”

• Set the telephone number or select from the contact list and press OK.

To call using speed dial, with the telephone on the home screen, press and hold the set key. The telephone will dial the number automatically.

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