Settings on reading

To access general settings during reading mode, press and hold the button4.png for 2 seconds on the reading screen.

The following settings will appear:

  • Go to page: Select the page number to go directly to it, use the arrow keys to configure the number.
  • Bookmark: Add a bookmark on a page. Select bookmark mode and open or delete old bookmarks.
  • Expand: Select the font size, 9 different sizes, from smallest to largest, from XXS <XXXXL.
  • Auto page feed: Sets automatic page feed.
  • Refresh screen: Configure every few page changes the screen is refreshed, from every 1 to every 3.
  • Night mode: Activates or deactivates night mode, which inverts the colors for less screen reflection. It is not compatible with the screen light at the same time.
  • Font type: Not valid for all types of files, such as pdfs. Change the font of the book, select between 4 different fonts.
  • Margin: Not valid for all types of files, configure the size of the text margin.
  • Search mode: Not valid for all types of files, search for a word in the book, use the arrow keys and the OK key to move around the keyboard and type the word to search.

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