Rechargeable battery

Open the compartment  and insert the rechargeable battery, first push on   the contacts, and then push and insert the rear. Connect a part   of the charging cable into the connector (7), 5V DC input and the other part   to a 5V USB power supply (not supplied). The charge from any    mobile will work.

The radio will charge in 3 hours, do not have it charging more than 24 hours in a row   to prevent the battery from deteriorating. The battery life is 14   hours approximately at medium volume. Higher volumes reduce battery life.

*Note: If you use headphones, (not included), the battery life is the best possible and increases up to approximately 19 hours.

Use with batteries

Open the battery compartment and insert 3 size LR03 alkaline    AAA batteries (not included). Make sure you put them in the correct position.


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